Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday Markdown Linky Party

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Monday Meet Up!

Guess what? I am linking up with "The Teaching Tribune's" Monday Meet Up! What a great way to learn a little more about other bloggers!
This week, we are sharing 3 things we are thankful for:
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Friday, June 27, 2014

Five for Friday: June Fun

1. We went strawberry picking! I haven't done that in a few decades!
 2. My son asked me how many days summer vacation lasts. I said we are NOT doing a countdown until school starts. :)  (I do keep a countdown to Christmas at the bottom of this blog, and he checks it every few days! He has even started his list already!)
3. End of the  year gifts for my kid's teachers! (Target pails with chalkboard stickers) Inside is a giftcard too.

4. I was at the store, and I saw The Red Lobster Rolls in a box. Frozen? A Mix? Hmmm. I snapped the picture but it was only the box. It's actually sitting in the trash pile! I couldn't find the rolls anywhere.

It wasn't until at least a month later that I finally found them(in the baking aisle).
 And yum...they are just as good as they are at the restaurant!

5. This is so cute! Hurry! Go to TPT and download this free set! Krista is trying to get feedback from 2000 people! Download it and leave her some fun feedback!


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Math Work Stations and BUILD

Math Work Stations by Debbie Diller is a great book to read for a Book Study. Chapters 1 and 2 mostly address organization. (The official chapter titles are: What is a Math Work Station? and Organizing and Managing Work Stations).

Go Here:

  I started using the "Build" system in my classroom, and here is a link about the details involved:
{Build Details}

I use the BUILD idea to organize my stations, but the Math Work Station book (and this linky party) are excellent for even more ideas. Here are some FREEBIE build posters on TPT:
{Click Here}
 I found the beginning of the Math Work Station Book Study...{Here}.
Other chapters you may find interesting:
Chapter 3:Getting Started
Chapter 4:Beginning Number Concepts
Chapter 5: Addition and Subtraction
Chapter 6:Place Value
Chapter 7: Geometry
Chapter 8: Measurement
Check out more Throwback Thursday at Second Grade Shenanigans{Click here}

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Daily 5

Did you know the Daily 5 book has been revised? Yes, it sure has! I am following a linky party about the revised book. There are a few places to find it...I found it {Here}. A few summers ago, I participated in a Daily 5 linky party. There are lots of Freebies, so click on the links below:
Daily 5: Chapter 1
Daily 5: Chapter 2
Daily 5: Chapter 3
Daily 5: Chapter 4
Daily 5: Chapter 5
Daily 5: Chapter 6

Saturday, June 7, 2014

How Do You Use It?! Linky Party

 I found this really cute Linky Party.
And I remembered some things I'd seen....
A few months ago, I saw someone had covered clothes pins with washi tape. I tried that, but it didn't stick as well as I thought it should.
I also use clothes pins to clip my snack bags.
(At work and at home.)
Once, I went to the store and they were out of clothes pins and they said, "Oh we clearanced them out". And I wondered....does anyone really use them for clothes anymore?
Well, at work, we use them for missing letters and numbers(in games) and I also use them on my classroom behavior chart, where I "move the clip" for behavior.
But check these ideas out!
How to dye your clothes pins: 
How to make chalkboard clothespins(to hold class work)

{Here's} the linky party! Link up!

Friday, June 6, 2014's June!

My Currently for June:
Silence is golden.
Peanut butter cookies...... Sooooo yummy. I ate two!
It's Friday.And school's not out yet.This means we are all.worn.out.
Sunny days=yard work. :)
Bucket List: Yes, we have a treehouse. And yes, it's still a work in progress after about three years. :)
Btw, this is the cutest "Currently" I've seen in a while....

Link up or read more {Here}! 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Diggin' Into Next Year

Where the Magic Happens
Organization is the first topic of  { this linky party!}
What did I organize?
Well, I am so excited to FINALLY have organized my books!
I used Erica Bohrer's set: {Classroom Library Organization Labels}.
It was super easy!
First I went through the labels Erica made to decide which ones I wanted.
Then I used her blank labels to make more labels(I made the orange ones below).
 After I had all my labels printed, I cut them apart...
...and put one on the back of each of my books!
It was easy!
Finally, I won't be the only one in the room who knows where the books go! (Of course, Erica also included larger labels for the bins(editable!).

Go {here} to link up or see the other great ideas!

Next week's topic: Math Workshop

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