Sunday, November 8, 2015

Currently November

I'm a few episodes behind on Shark Tank. I really enjoying the Sharks sniping each other, as well as the products! I think Robert is my favorite.
The house is quiet today and that means I can get things done(like Currently :)).
Dinner...probably something frozen. I am not feeling like cooking.
Chocolate...all the Halloween candy is Milk Chocolate. Really.
Laundry...never ends.
Pumpkin bread is my favorite, but is hard to bake just right. Sometimes it's not done in the middle and sometimes it's overcooked. Tricky!
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Melissa Leach said...

I am always needing to do laundry. If it isn't washing it (which I actually don't mind) it's folding it that I hate!
Sometimes I wonder if it's been clean in the basket for a week- is it still clean?


Lauren Blazek said...

We just got an antenna again,after being netflix only for years, Shark Tank was one of the first shows I watched. I love it!!

Tidy Teacher said...

I also love Shark Tank! I get so motivated to do something and come up with some grand ideas! Enjoy your weekend.

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