Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Math Stations Chapter 4

Wow Fran did a great job! I would love to be a fly on her wall say something more or post a great idea, but I am overwhelmed with ideas! However, this "beginning concept" area is the hardest for me. I have been spending oodles of time here though:
{ }  for some great  super easy ideas.  It is hard to go to these lower skills for some of the kids who need it, especially when you have a broad range of kids. It seems like they come in at the higher levels, or so it seems.  But I know that they may not really have the concept of number sense just because they know the numbers.  I really want to focus on these concepts this year!
Check out the linky party here: {}

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Fran Kramer said...

You are so right about this. I can totally identify with your comment.
Our kids come in with such limited number knowledge that we feel challenged right at the start. Some can count to 10 verbally but many cannot and we need to build activities to keep them engaged and moving forward. Thank you for linking up with me and I will be working on those activities this summer!

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