Friday, June 27, 2014

Five for Friday: June Fun

1. We went strawberry picking! I haven't done that in a few decades!
 2. My son asked me how many days summer vacation lasts. I said we are NOT doing a countdown until school starts. :)  (I do keep a countdown to Christmas at the bottom of this blog, and he checks it every few days! He has even started his list already!)
3. End of the  year gifts for my kid's teachers! (Target pails with chalkboard stickers) Inside is a giftcard too.

4. I was at the store, and I saw The Red Lobster Rolls in a box. Frozen? A Mix? Hmmm. I snapped the picture but it was only the box. It's actually sitting in the trash pile! I couldn't find the rolls anywhere.

It wasn't until at least a month later that I finally found them(in the baking aisle).
 And yum...they are just as good as they are at the restaurant!

5. This is so cute! Hurry! Go to TPT and download this free set! Krista is trying to get feedback from 2000 people! Download it and leave her some fun feedback!


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Pixie Anne said...

Thanks for pointing me in the direction of that amazing clipart! I left my feedback!
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