Monday, July 30, 2012

Daily 5 Chapter 4 Linky Party

Finally, we are getting to the Daily 5!  
This is really a lot to think about in July! :) 
1)   How far into the school year do you think kinders need to be to be able to begin the process of Read to Self?  What is realistic?  When do you plan to begin implementation?
I would like to start within the first two weeks. It really depends on the group I have, I think. Some years are different than others.
I found a really cute chart here:

2) How will you make sure that each child views him/herself as a reader (whether they are reading words or not)?        

I like the ideas that the others had about using certain books, such as wordless books, at the beginning. We were using the “3 ways” to read a book sign last year, so I feel familiar with that already.

3)  What are some ideas you have about "Launching Read to Self" in kindergarten?  How will you go about it and what are some ways to make sure it is "kinder friendly"? 
Model, practice, review, repeat…Lots of emphasis on modeling!
Check out this blog…I love it! I found it a few weeks ago, and on top of lots of other great things, I found that she has a 5-part series on starting D5 with Kinders! 

4) How will you/do you build the children's belief that this IS important?  What can we do to encourage the ones who do not value it and create disruptions for others?
The Kinders want to learn to read. I am hoping that the modeling of the good/bad behaviors is a great motivator to lessen the disruptions. Also, I like the idea of taking picures of them modeling the correct behavior and adding that to the charts.  I like the idea of focusing on the positive; that some students can model the correct behavior, even though they have some trouble always doing it.

5) How valuable is Checking In and Reviewing with kindergarteners?  How often will you do it?  When will you do it? What are some different ways to "check in"?
I would love to check in more often, but I think “checking in” will have to happen when we are back together sharing what went well, or didn’t go so well! We can focus on our anchor charts as needed.  I am unsure about doing this step any other way.

6)What are some problems that can occur during this (either that you anticipate with your kinders OR that you have experienced)?  How can we be proactive about these issues?
I think this program is going to take a lot of modeling for both the children, and the adults.  I am *hoping* to have some volunteers this year, and I think everyone will need to be learning the language and the behaviors!
Here is the link to a video all about “troubleshooting”!

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