Saturday, August 4, 2012

Places for online Stories (aka Listen to Reading)

Click on these to see these sites for "Listen to Reading":  (fee required)
Tumblebooks(go to, you first click on ebooks + digital media and then scroll down and on the left hand side there is a link to Tumblebook Library)   (actors read the stories)   (some are free)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Daily 5 Chapter 6 Linky Party...freebie links!


This chapter is being covered by 2 different blogs:

Experimenting with words:
I found this chapter to be the easiest to implement, because I have about a zillion ideas in my head for word work. And about a zillion little games, etc., for word work. But it occurred to me that my huge box of file folders can be used for word work…matching upper/lowercase, putting letters in order, matching beginning sounds, etc. File folder games are sooo old school, but I seem to forget about them most of the time.
Check out these awesome cards I found!

As for writing, we use these cards every week or two when we start a new unit. I let the kids take them out of the pocket chart to use in their writing.  

Memorize high frequency words:

We do “spelling” every day. We practice our 2 sight words for the week by using them in a sentence, writing them in the air, and writing them on our papers.  I have been really into “write the room” lately too.

What materials do I have/ would I like to get?
At this point, I can’t even remember what I have…time to clean!
How will I store them?

I usually store my word work in baskets, or both in one laundry basket.

Where will students work?

Students will work at their seats.

I did not see a place for Chapter 7, so I guess this is the end! :)


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