Friday, January 1, 2016

Currently...January 2016

The littlest son has quietly been playing with the older son's toys...we'll see how that plays out in about 10 minutes. Uh oh...
We have been having a quiet day today. Not much snow here...that's a real bummer for the kids.
Tv...The Blacklist...we've been watching the whole season in the last few days. We only have 4 episodes left!
Ice cream...I love it even in the winter. I bought some peppermint drumsticks at Target about a week ago. I should've stocked up. I bet they were "seasonal".
Target...I saw some pictures of the new items in the dollar spot. I must go there and see for myself. I will try to resist. Hmmmm
Elf was my word because the littlest son is wearing his Elf on the Shelf pajamas. I love the pajamas, but I am not missing the elf!

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