Friday, July 27, 2012

Daily 5 Chapter 2 Linky Party

1.      Do you trust your students? How do you build this trust? Are you able to trust them and allow them to be independent throughout all aspects of your day? Are you going to be able to stay out of their way? 

I do trust my students, but there are always a few that show they cannot be trusted to make good choices at certain times.  I am wondering if modeling the correct behavior for them will help them.  Many times we go over the expectations in whole group, but I plan to really emphasize the correct behaviors this year through a lot more modeling.

2. How much choice do you give your students throughout the day? Do you go over your daily schedule with your students or is it just 'posted' in the room?

Every morning we re-order the pictures in the pocket chart for the schedule of the day. At lunch, I flip over the ones we did as a check off. Sometimes the kids flip them over throughout the morning.  As the year goes on, they catch on to the specials, and attempt to do the daily schedule before our group time begins. I am not sure about the choices yet. When we did literacy centers before, my students made a choice, then after about 15 minutes, we made another choice. I am not sure about them choosing from the five.  Accountability seems to be the issue!

3. How are you going to create that sense of community where students will hold each other accountable?

I love this idea. I am not sure how to put it in practice yet, but I hope to figure that out. I like the idea of anchor charts for reminding the kinders about appropriate behavior.  I bought this from Amy Lemons and I hope to use it with my kinders at the beginning of the year. Click here to see it:

4. Student ownership in learning? How do you instill this in every child?

I think the “why” is important in the daily 5 activities. I am thinking I want to post the “why” near each of the 5, so that we can use those words in our modeling and in our class discussions.

5. Stamina! How are you going to build stamina with reading? independent work? Will you use a timer? Will you set goals?

I always give 5 minute warnings when we are changing activities.  I plan to use a stamina chart for the kinders to see as they build stamina.  I am not sure I will set a goal, but I will use a timer. 

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