Monday, June 13, 2011

Math Stations Chapter 3: Getting Started

So, I found a pocket chart that may be used for math stations:{ Click for pocket chart}
It is cheaper than RGS at 39.95...Also, I found this one on accident while linking my third option at 21.99...{Click for second chart}.   Here is { the third one} at 34.99.  Does anyone think one of these might work?

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S. Parker said...

Good research on the pocket charts. I think any of these will work. I like the second one best. Honestly, the ones I use are those Target $1 pocket charts. I used two. I've also have cut a large pocket chart in half. Just sew a new seem. I love pocket charts but they take up way too much space. This way I can hang along a door or in a small area on my bulletin board.

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