Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sales... and a Giveaway!

Caitlin was the big winner of the Response Sheets! Congratulations Caitlin!

Have you visited this site? It has a list of sales for all kinds of places. Right now there is a bunch of Amazon sales, but it has all different places/things. I bookmarked it because it is awesome!!

For example...
This Walmart/Target price sheet is so cool, because you just know it's cheaper at Walmart...or is it?

Of course, THEN this came today...

...and it was the glue sticks! 4 for  25 cents! WOW! I had to get out this morning to get them before they were gone!
And the giveaway....Sasha is having a giveaway all week! Go here to check it out! She's giving away one of my products on Tuesday!

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The Science School Yard said...

Hey..just thought I would stop on by to say hi to the other bloggers in the giveaway! Love your cute blog! Isn't it fun connecting!

Renee from the Science School Yard

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