Friday, July 10, 2015

Five For Friday....and a Giveaway


My son made this at easy! I'm definitely going to have my class make them!
It's basically two sticks, a sponge, 2 pieces of paper and a sticker!


YES! The dollar spot at Target is Awesome!

***My giveaway is still on! Go HERE for the rafflecopter!***
My TPT store is still on sale today too!


Summer means strawberries! The only thing better is watermelon!


Big Brother...every summer I wonder if I am really going to watch again. 3 hours a week! And I can't stand half of them! Then I do...again!
I was so glad Da'Vonne went home last night. 
I don't see what Clay sees in Shelli. They are going to go home soon because of the showmance.
And why doesn't Steve have an alliance?
Hmmm.....I'm all into it again!

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Teaching Autism said...

How adorable is that pirate craft!!! I can't believe how simple it is to make too!

Teaching Autism

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