Thursday, July 2, 2015

Dare to Dream #tptsellerchallenge Week 2

Target is so good at getting me to spend money! My Target habit is under control this week. One day I went in and only bought 2 items. (Even the cashier said I stuck to my mission. Hopefully, she did not recognize me. It is very possible they know me there.)  So far, I have only spent $3 in the new BTS section. :)

I have been looking for a new job for awhile now. So in the meantime, any TPT earnings help. :)

My family loves to travel. Even short weekend trips are fun for my kids. We like to go places we've been, and try new places. :)

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Mixing it up in Middle said...

Hey-you're a Michigan Blogger!!! :) I'm FROM Michigan! :) I can totally understand the Target habit!!!! It's so hard not to go in there and spend money!! YIKES!
Mixing it up in Middle

Cathy Brackett said...

I am also from Michigan. I'd love to know how you added that Michigan Blogger button. There is so much for me to learn.

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