Thursday, January 2, 2014

January Currently

Okay I am early with my Currently, to make up for December!
 Dora is on...Vacation continues...
We have gotten over 6 inches of snow! Love it! (Too bad it's not a snow day though...)
I need to renew my teaching certificate. I remember when I started teaching, it was $4 in Ohio and $125 here. I see that they have increased their price in Ohio now. What do you pay for yours?
The year of the older son has become fascinated with all techie things. We finally bought him his own tablet. (sigh) They are growing up!


Ms. Chae Charges In! said...

I have no idea when my certificate needs to be renewed. I think next year, but our HR dept. handled it in the first place. Good luck. And I've also tried to stay the introduction of electronics to my daughter who is only 5 but gparents insist. Crazy.

Ms. Chae Charges In

Mandi Moore said...

Oh my, I think I need to get mine renewed too! Thanks for the reminder!

Shawna said...

I too have to renew this year. I think we are up to $150...ugh!
Enjoy the rest of your break!
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