Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Thanksgiving Centers

Here are some of our centers this week and next:

 This is one of our dice centers.
Roll a die, draw the dots, write the number, then write three more! Busy!

For this spinner game, we used buttons to cover the pictures.

I love to use paperclips as the spinner. The kids are good about keeping track of them too.

Cute Counting Mat

"Draw" means to draw the dots, then write the number next to it.

Draw the ten frame, write the number and show the tally for the number. Super fun!

Dice roll, with two dice...for those who are ready for two!
Measuring with pattern blocks...note the funny colors!

This is the teepee we measured using different blocks.

Class survey

This is a math game with 3 tongue depressors. The kids drop them and only get points for the ones which land design side up. This is lots of fun! We play in partners.

 Syllable counting

My packet includes Turkey Facts and a fun quiz.
This page is where the kids can write what they learned, for a classbook or just individually.

Pocket chart poem that we illustrate...we look for certain letters, the rhyming words, and our sight words to highlight.

This is a sample of the designs we use on our teepees and our hats.

Cute hats!

A sample of our read alouds!

If you like these activities, go {Here} for my packet. It's on sale!

For two Thanksgiving Freebies go {Here}!

I linked up with Blog Hoppin  this week for their Activity day!
Here is the link for more Activities!

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