Friday, November 22, 2013

Five for Friday Thanksgiving Throwback Freebie

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One:  I'm slightly obsessed with this. I really could eat 2 bags in a row, but I ration myself one bag a day. (We bought a box of 24 at Cosco).
Two:  I had to paint feet in college once during my supervisor's observation. Love this though!
LJUSA LED flashlight, hand-powered IKEA No batteries needed. Powered by a capacitor, which stores electrical charge.
 Three: Between the power outages this week and my little one afraid of the dark every night(even surrounded by a nightlight, a gloworm and a musical starfish), I had to find something he could use.  Who knew how hot regular flashlights were after 20 minutes?!   Thank you Ikea!

Four:  Go here and read her Holiday Disaster post...sooo funny.
(I don't think I have a Thanksgiving disaster story...we are notorious for taking a mini-vacation during the Thanksgiving weekend.)

Five: Go {Here} for my most favorite Thanksgiving freebie! Definitely printing this today for next week!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Alison Rose said...

One time during an observation, I had my principal paint the kids hands for turkey. He did every color on their fingers and put their hands down and all the paint was dry. It was the funniest thing I had ever seen. He had a new respect for Kindergarten teachers.
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