Friday, November 8, 2013

Five for Friday: Thanksgiving Freebies

Check it out!

1. I am almost done with a *New* Thanksgiving unit. I made it very similar to my Ocean Unit. Watch for it! (UPDATE! It's done and it's on {HERE}!)
I was thinking about those cute Turkey shaped cookies made with Oreos...and I couldn't remember what they looked like. So I went searching around and I found a cute turkey made on a sugar cookie.
(This is good, because these are simpler, and it's also good because we can't have peanut products at our school. Most of the ones I found are made with a mini Reese's cup.)
But then, I found this super cute cookie:
Thanksgiving Treats

I love this! It is shown with peanut butter cookies, but I could substitute a sugar cookie.
Also, I like that it is not made with only candy corn.  Mike and Ike's are way yummier.

Click {Here} for the note to send home to ask for the goodies to make this in your class!

2. I made this in color and I wasn't sure if it would copy well for my new packet.
Click {Here} for the pattern freebie!

3. On the healthy side, isn't this the cutest?
Find the photo here:
4.  We went to the children's museum.
Remember Lite Brite?

5. Parent Teacher Conferences are this week. Need I say more?

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Shelley- TheWriteStuff said...

I loved your pictures! I especially love the healthy little turkey idea. SO cute. That is one huge light bright. I would love to create a picture myself with that!
Have a great weekend!

:) Shelley
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