Sunday, February 19, 2012

Homework Calendars - Freebie

This year in Kindergarten we started using activity-type Homework Calendars(count the cans in your kitchen, etc.) But since December, we have started using revised versions of these Homework Calendars (FREE here). We find them to be more academic, more matched to what we are doing/teaching, and an activity that the parents really like.  Plus I like to see "proof" that the kids are doing work at home! We attached a "response sheet" to the end, so we can get feedback from the families.
(See this packet: Homework for Common Core Reading Standards for Kindergarten available HERE...also available for first grade)

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kinderdiva said...

You have changed my life!!! Thank you for sharing these! My life has become so much easier worrying about homework once a month, rather than every week!!!!

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