Saturday, December 5, 2015

Currently, Gingerbread Fun and a Freebie!

Vampire Diaries...I'm waiting to see how it plays out without Elena this season.
Amazon.Has.Everything. I love it!
My to-do list is growing. I have a lot of my shopping done(Amazon!) but there is still much to do.
I need a chef. And a chef who buys the food too. (Grocery shopping is on the to-do list...)
Wrapping...haven't started. We use comics for most of the kid's gifts, so that makes it very inexpensive.
Faux tree. I just can't deal with a real tree. The needles!

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I love Gingerbread! I've been searching for some new things this year...

The cutest Gingerbread Crafts from! Click Here
20 Adorable Gingerbread Man Crafts alternative to using gingerbread...go HERE. (I just found this site: Go and check it out!)

Aren't these Gingerbread men the preschoolers made super cute? I could see doing this as a glyph with the kindergartners.
I really like the frosting on these houses. It adds that perfect touch!

**Go HERE for my revised Gingerbread Book plus -an word family sheets!**



Amy said...

I like the log cabin, pretzel idea. That is very clever. Thanks for sharing.

Ms. O said...

Love the fun gingerbread ideas (and Amazon!). I just posted yesterday about a Flat Gingy activity I found on TPT and tweaked for the school library (my classroom) and second graders. It's one of my favorites!

ttervoort said...

I love the gingerbread ideas! I don't do as much with that in my Grade 3/4 class, but I know that my daughter has been busy with a Gingerbread Man theme in her Gr. 1 class, including building a large gingerbread house out of cardboard...Have a great Christmas!

The Rigorous Owl said...

I'm with you on the chef idea. Imagine how much time that would save us!

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