Saturday, November 15, 2014

November Currently

My son has a battery operated change counter. Where the change rollssss before it is counted. He loves it. We don't. :)

This was a long week at work. We had a short week with conferences last week. We STILL have another full week until Thanksgiving!

Movies- What is even out right now? I read Gone Girl and so I want to see that. Hopefully it won't be too busy. But I am a "person magnet" at the theater. People always sit in front of me. It's like a curse. Even when the theater is practically empty.... So let's hope today will not be one of those days...

The Microwave a new microwave(over the stove).  Or  bring up the counter microwave that-is-practically-new-but-never-used from the basement.   Then discuss the sizes, looks, colors etc of the items. Repeat. Yep, the microwave dilemma continues.

Laundry...I might actually have everything in this house washed by tonight. :)

Newspaper. I like turning the pages. And I recycle it.... It's just something I do. :)

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