Sunday, September 29, 2013

Apples, Apples, Apples

Here are some pictures from our Apple unit(Scroll down and keep going, since there is so much space between each one!)
Torn paper apples

We read some Johnny Appleseed books. The Steven Kellogg one is my favorite!

A Johnny Appleseed puppet for retelling, and three things they learned about Johnny. 1. He planted seeds, 2. He went West, and 3. He made lots of friends. ( I don't know the source of this sheet, sorry!)

We counted the stickers on the apples and recorded them here(below). This activity is from my{Fall Math and Science Centers}

Stained glass apples!  Below is a better picture of them. So pretty!

We took a class poll and wrote a report about our apples (The report is also from my { Fall Math and Science Centers}.)

We used a spinner to cover these pictures(from  my { Fall Math and Science Centers}):

It was an applicious time!

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