Friday, July 4, 2014

Five for Friday


 It's Friday! (Click the photo above to go to the linky party!)

1. 4th of July Sugar Cookies...Yum!
2. I have two items in my TPT store that are 50% off!
Go check it out:

3. I was at Target today and bought a few things in the dollar spot. (shocker!)
I Love the Hungry Caterpillar!(It was $3 for the set.) And I figure I can use these alphabet letters this fall. (The letters were only 50 cents per sheet.)

 4. I did it. I bought the Lego movie! I hope "Everything is Awesome" doesn't drive me crazy. By the way, both boys know all the words to "Let it Go".

5. In the meantime, I'm so glad Big Brother is back on!


Amanda D! said...

Hi! I found your blog through 5 for Friday. I have been dying to see the Lego movie! It just came to Red Box, so the hubby and I are going to track it down and watch it this weekend. So excited!! Hope you enjoy watching it too =)

Kindergarten Teacher at the Wheel

Kathleen Wright said...

Hi Emily, I gotta ask, is the Lego Movie seriously okay for grown-ups? My husband, Mr. Lego Maniac, wants to see it, but a whole movie of little Lego guys running around??? Not sure I can do it! I take it you've seen it if you bought it and fellow commenter Amanda seems pretty excited to see it too... so?? Thanks :)
Kidpeople Classroom

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