Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer List

It's a Linky Party...
Visit here: Just another day in First Grade to see the other lists!
 Here's my Summer 2012 list...
1., bathrooms, the yard, clothes, that-one-kitchen-drawer.
2. Read...the magazines, the recipes I've saved, the books on my the booklist...and sure, that Grey book!
3. Travel...with and without the kids.
4. Rest...plan to rest or it won't happen.... Do lesson plans EVER include doing nothing?!... This school year promises to be a challenging one, so "rest" is on the summer list!
5. Overall...have fun. Take time to notice the little things that make summer what it is.

1 comment:

mrs. tabb said...

Nice! I had a challenging year last year. Hopefully your year goes well! Enjoy all those shades of Grey....I certainly did!!!

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