Sunday, May 13, 2012

Reptiles and Mother's Day

Here are the reptile things from weeks ago, and a pretty bouquet someone sweet gave to me for Mother's Day...
This is a cute little picture I hang up every year. A student made it for me(she is now in 10th grade!?)
A retired teacher made the illustration page, rebus-style. The kids love to learn about reptiles!

Yes, the turtles were made with paper plates. Some years we staple the pages and make books too.
The alligator is supposed to be an accordion-type book, but I just like reading/writing the facts, so I don't try to fold them with glue on them!

The frog is also a paper plate. I like the frog the best. Even the poster is precious! We sometimes use the frog for "Five Green and Speckled frogs" and do subtraction with them.
Happy Mother's Day! (and yes, it is another paper plate...hmmm....)

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